Ayurvedic therapies:

*abhyanga massage  ~ medicated oil massage that provides relief from chronic aches & pains.  It recharges & reactivates the mind and mind.  According to Ayurveda illness occurs when the 'energy channels' in the body are blocked, resulting in causation of damage of one area to another.  Massage is aimed at removing these blocks, allowing the energy to flow freely and thus heal the damage

*shirodhara ~ is known as the third eye treatment of lord Shiva.  It is a therapeutic Marma oil treatment that involves pouring of oil (medicated oils, medicated buttermilk or milk) gently on the forehead in a continuos stream, using a special rhythmic swaying movement of the shirodhara pot.

Shirodhara works on the cerebral system, helping in relaxing the CNS and balancing the prana around the head.  It improves the function of the 5 senses, aids with insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.                               This results in a deep sense of inner peace & relaxation.

*nasya ~ nasal drop

*kati vasti

*indian head massage

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